AKAM is the Association of Korean-American Medical Graduates. They have a strong community of NY & NJ medical physicians to build up the health of the community around them and the next group of passionate doctors. 

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Website Content Management
  • Graphic Design for the Wesbite



La Fur Couture is a Scandinavian brand fur clothing brand with materials ethically sourced from Denmark. They are a new emerging brand and is working with me on building their online presence. 

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Website Content Management
  • Graphic Design – Logo + Marketing Media
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Business Consulting



An Informational website design for a New York City Medical Non-Profit Organization.

  • Website Design & Programming 
  • Website Content Management

Website: www.kampany.org

The Wild Goose 

This New York Restaurant and Pub wanted to bring the farm to the city – which is also reflected in their menu and farmhouse chic interior designs. The menu and business card design shows as if it was printed on a thin sheet of whitewashed wood. 

  • Menu & Business Card – Graphic Design
  • Printng Service
  • Website Design & Programming


Website: www.thewildgooseli.com

Ocean Blu Designs

Coastal Lifestyle Brand catering to clients on the East Coast from Key West, West Palm Beach to the East End of Long Island in the Hamptons. Visit their showroom in Roslyn Heights, NY. 

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Website Content Management
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Business Consulting


Madison Builder

Million dollar home builder for Hamptons, New York and all of coastal vicinities of the East Coast, Madison Builders updates their websites per project. 

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Website Content Management


Paul’s Nursery

An award winning landscape design company on the North Shore of Long Island. Paul’s Nursery orders EDDM USPS direct postcard mailers for the Christmas season.

  • Website Design & Programming
  • Wesbite Management
  • Annual Holiday Postcard Mailers
  • Video Production for an In-house TV Display

Website: www.paulsnursery.com

Madeline’s Catering

This catering business in New York City has a large clientele of fashion designers and corporate events. They needed an updated catering menu to show their charming service and full menu. 

  • Graphic Design – Catering Menu Booklet – 24 Pages
  • Printing Broker Service


Piccolo New York

A luxury accessory brand featuring ethically sourced furs. Piccolo New York requested a Lookbook Catalog to show to the press for press consideration of their newest collection. 

  • Fashion Lookbook – Graphic Design
  • Website Management



Website: www.piccolonewyork.com

Haiku USA

Gorgeous and flattering everyday sweaters for all seasons, Haiku USA is a popular clothing brand especially at resort locations with their whimsical designs. 

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Website Management
  • Graphic Design – Logo + Website Elements



Total Body Boot Camp

Successful fitness book author requested graphic design for his book signing event. Requesting, event banner, postcards, flyers and bookmarkers. 


  • Graphic Design – Marketing Media

Bon Blanc

Bon Blanc is a skincare brand that lightens your sunspots and age spots. This serum was developed by my client and started the dark spot removal trend in the beauty industry. 

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Graphic Design – Logo and Packaging
  • Social Media Marketing

Nicka K

Design proposal for future Nicka K cosmetic brand website.

Prestige Admissons Consulting

Prestige Admissions Consulting brand serves the greater New York and Tristate area – assisting in college preparation. 

  • Wesbite Design and Programming
  • Graphic Design – Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Management – Facebook


New York Korean Fashion Festival

Korean Fashion Festival 2012 was an event for a non-profit organization to award a fashion student with a scholarship gift and to showcase a their designs in a fashion show. 

  • Grahic Design – Marketing Materials
  • Website Design – Ticketing Sales Platform
  • Event Design Consulting

Sophia Home Accents & Design

Sophia Home Interior Designs Firm requested marketing materials for a new store opening.

  • Graphic Design for Marketing 
  • Wesbite Design and Programming
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Business Consulting

John Kang Clinic

Premier Korean Facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Kang medical advertisements for news and magazine print. Website updates. 

  • Website Content Management
  • Advertisment Design